Is Schoolhub free?

Yes, both Schoolhub Students and Schoolhub Teachers are completely free to use. That said, we do offer an optional paid subscription for students that unlocks extra functionality such as search, calendar sharing, attachments, and many more. Teachers get all of this for free :)

I found an error or wish to suggest a new feature, what can I do?

We love to chat. Check out our Contact Us page for more information.

When signing up through Facebook/Twitter/Google, what information do you store? Can/will you post on my behalf?

We only store your basic profile information (name, email, profile picture) and do not have permission to post on your behalf.

What new features or releases will be available soon?

We are continuously working on improving our products and will continue to evaluate new features that make it easier for students to manage their academic life. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to email us at: ideas@schoolhub.com.

Can I sign up with the same email for both Schoolhub Students and Schoolhub Teachers?

Yes, you can use the same email to sign up for both Schoolhub Students and Schoolhub Teachers. Please note that while you may use the same email to create an account in both products, the accounts will remain independent.

How can I delete a course?

We do not recommend deleting courses; instead, we recommend that you archive the ones you no longer want to see. Once you archive a course, it will be hidden from Schoolhub. This allows you to keep a history of all of your courses. However, if you do decide to delete one, you will need to archive it first. Once you do this, a delete button will appear in the course's edit page. Deleting a course will permanently delete it and all of its data (assignments, exams, schedule, etc).

Why did one or more of my courses suddenly disappear (or was automatically archived)?

We automatically archive courses after a month of no activity (schedule, exam, assignment. etc). We do this so you can focus on your current courses and leave your past courses behind.

If I share a course, what information is visible to my classmates/students?

Your name, along all the information pertaining to that course (schedule, instructors, exams, assignments, etc), will be visible to your classmates or students. Your email will not be shared unless you add it to your Public Contact Information in your Profile.

How do I completely delete my account?

To delete your account, please send an email to support@schoolhub.com from the email associated to your account.


Can I share my course with my classmates?

To share a course with your classmates, simply tap the icon on the course’s detail page.

How do I enroll to an existing course?

First, ask your classmate or teacher to share the course’s enrollment code. Once you have a course’s code, you can simply tap the icon on the Courses section, tap on “Enroll in a Course” and enter the course’s code. It is that simple.

What is Schoolhub Premium?

Schoolhub Premium is a paid subscription that unlocks the following features on the Schoolhub Students app:

  • Import & share calendars to make sure you don't miss a thing
  • Add attachments to keep all important information in one place
  • Search for assignments and instructors
  • Add multiple alerts to your classes, exams, and assignments
  • Break up assignments into subtasks and create recurring assignments
  • Access to premium support from the Schoolhub Team

Do I need to buy a premium subscription for each platform?

No. You only need to purchase the subscription once and it will be valid on all platforms (web, iOS, and Android).


How can I share a course with my students?

To share a course with your students, simply tap the icon on the course’s detail page.

What information do my students have access to?

Students will be able to view all information regarding courses they are enrolled to (schedule, instructor’s names and public contact info, assignments, exams, and events).

Can I share files with my students?

The only way to share files is attaching them either to an event, exam, or assignment. However, we are currently working on a simpler way to share files and course’s materials.