Schoolhub Teachers is the easiest, simplest, and most intuitive way to organize your courses.

The LMS you've been waiting for

Schoolhub teachers is the most intuitive, simple and user friendly system on the market. You can add courses, upload files, invite students and create assignments within minutes. No need to call the IT department!

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Our commitment is to learning. Our goal is to help teachers focus their time and energy doing what they love most: teaching. This is why Schoolhub Teachers will always be free and accesible for every great teacher out there.

We believe in transforming and improving the academic experience of students, teachers, parents, and alumni around the world.

Always improving

We're constantly rolling out new features. Pretty soon, you'll be able to add grades, allow students to hand-in assignments, and communicate with students.

We love teachers

We are always looking for ways to improve and the only way to do so is with your input and feedback. Contact us, we would love to chat with you.